Canada’s newest healthcare jobs

What consistently ranks at, or near the top, of the list for Canadians when asked about what makes Canada special? Health care. It was thus a no-brainer to try to do something in this sector; JAMBA is a proudly Canadian company after all… About a month ago we quietly launched, Canada’s newest job site for health care professionals.

Why? Unbeknownst to most of us, filling openings with qualified health care professionals is actually a difficult task for Canadian healthcare employers, whether it’s rural communities off the radar to applicants in cities, or hospitals with nursing shortages recruiting in the newly competitive market of globally mobile nurses… was created with the ambitious goal to improve recruiting in the large medical & health care sector.

Read more in the press release here.

JAMBA accepts PayPal

As we are increasingly having clients outside of Canada, we have decided to offer PayPal as a payment option to pay for our services.

We recently did some consulting work for a client in France and, when it came time to settle our invoice, we were shocked to learn how complex it was to setup an international bank transfer payment to Canada from their end. The irony? They were dealing with a bank that vaunts its international savvy in large billboards at most of the major airports around the world.

It’s a bit surprising that the large banks, with all their significant resources, have not kept up with the times and are being outflanked by the simple PayPal service. From a personal perspective, but now also now for business-to-business use, PayPal is becoming indispensable.

A week to remember.

Remembering that the World Wide Web was proposed only 20 years ago (original proposal)… Or was it?

I can conceive — may God avert the omen! — centuries hence, some future world-ruler sitting at the junction of all railroads, at the centre of all telegraph-wires — a world-spider in the omphalos of his world-wide web.
- Charles Kingsley, 1867 [From: Three lectures delivered at the Royal Institution, on the Ancien Regime as it existed on the continent before the French revolution]

Starting off on the right foot.

Who can resist a good “Hello World” post. There, it’s done. Now we can move on to more interesting topics.

In case you were wondering, JAMBA is not completely without history; it represents the evolution of a small business that has been legally registered in Canada since 1995 (originally as Jamba Software Solutions) and online at this domain name since 1998. The focus on mobile apps, however, is very recent.